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There be words! Despite, as ever with Nano, it being a crazy month, I have actually managed to make progress towards my modest 30k goal. I’m running quite a bit behind but I’m not at all worried about this. How could I be worried when this is the most new words I’ve written in some years? I will be surprised if I make it to 30 k, but even if I don’t I shall push forward to the end of a first draft. I feel better in so many ways for having written this month and am relieved to know that a story I had the first glimmers of a few years ago now, is still there. In fact I’d say that, given the composting time since coming up with the initial idea, it has improved. Ripened, as someone once called it.

In other things, yesterday me and my little family took a trip to the seaside with the church. I may post a photo or two in the coming days. There were castles – real and sand varieties, ice-cream, fudge and picnics, japes, larks and very steep hills. The littlest member of our family is still busy catching up on sleep. I think we got the last of the sand out of his ears…

Now, before he wakes up to tell me it’s supper time, I am going to attempt to squeeze a few more words out of the day.